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Fort Collins Tax Service

Jason Speciner, our financial planner and tax consultant client, came back to us for another website. This time, one to service his tax servicing business, Fort Collins Tax Service. With the thinking that "less is more," Jason's compact message needed very little room to communicate his unique value proposition and services.

Our Approach

Jason's needs were very simple so a minimalistic design approach was considered. Our designer, Ellen Bryant, created a one-page website for Jason that is easy to read and navigate. With a sticky header, users can click-and-scroll to sections of the same page and never lose sight of the menu. Using the same subdued colors and share of white-space as his previous site, we've preserved a warm, modern look-and-feel.

Benefits We Provided:

  • A flexible design so that users can easily view the website on their computers, tablets or phones.
  • An easy-to-use self-scheduling form for making consult appointments.
  • A call-to-action banner enticing potential clients to reach out.
  • A Google map for ease with address and directions.
  • A contact form with anti-spam prevention measures.

Starting from a blank slate, I knew what I wanted our website to offer but I didn’t always have the right words to articulate it. Now, I couldn’t be happier. Both David and Ell... Read more
Jason Speciner, Fort Collins Tax Service
Jason Speciner
Fort Collins Tax Service

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