Colorado Equestrian Academy

Kristen Martell came to us through David's daughter who takes horseback riding lessons from Kristen. Kristen is the founder and head instructor of the Colorado Equestrian Academy in Loveland, Colorado. Kristen operated largely through word-of-mouth but now desired to create an online presence for her business. So, we were within easy reach to discuss her needs.

Although Kristen trains adults, many of her clients are kids who participate solely for the love of riding. As a result, Kristen needed a website that invited this family-range of clients to enjoy her and her training facilities.

Our Approach

Kristen needed a brochure-type website that is colorful, fun, and engaging with lots of photos to capture the imaginations of potential clients. Simple in size and scope, the site needed to be to the point and easy to navigate.

Benefits We Provided:

  • A flexible design so that users can easily view the website on their computers, tablets or phones.
  • High quality photos of the horse riding facilities and riders of all ages.
  • A persuasive showcase of Kristen and her riding and training qualifications so that potential clients feel comfortable in her care.
  • An online payment form for easy use by clients.
  • Social media buttons through which users can share and promote Kristen with Facebook and Twitter friends.

I own and run a small horseback riding lesson program located in Loveland, Colorado. It is a new business that I held off on getting a website for until I could find the right web... Read more
Kristen Martell, Colorado Equestrian Academy
Kristen Martell
Colorado Equestrian Academy

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