This time we've taken on a fitness site for a lovely mom and fitness professional, Cassye Delphy. Her site, which started as a personal journey towards health and fitness, is now a popular site among other moms across the nation. Cassye extols the benefits of eating and exercising in moderation using her personal journey as an "out-of-shape" mom to now a slimmer, muscular, and more toned personal trainer and health coach. Cassye approached us for a website that she could use to publish her fitness articles, dialog with her audience, and offer her services to those who are serious about getting in shape.

Our Approach

Cassye's website uses a premium WordPress theme tweaked with Cassye's own personal customizations. It's clean and simple to navigate; a beautiful theme.

Benefits We Provided:

  • A flexible design so that users can easily view the website on their computers, tablets or phones.
  • An area to publish and collect reader comments on fitness articles.
  • Social media buttons through which users can share and promote articles with Facebook and Twitter friends.
  • Offers to access free bonus videos to engage potential clients.
  • A small online store through which folks can purchase fitness gear.
  • Payment options for customers to purchase directly from the website.
  • Online forms through which clients can submit health profile information.

David’s professionalism, proactivity and attention to detail is impeccable. His ability to translate complicated technical elements into elegant website design is priceless. He i... Read more
Cassye Delphy, 43fitness
Cassye Delphy
Certified Personal Trainer

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